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    Persian New Year Rituals

    This weekend I am decorating my Haft-seen table, this is a special table for Persian New year (Nowruz), the Festival of the beginning of spring.

    This table is made up of seven items that start with the letter “S”, haft-seen literally means “seven S’s ’’

    Every item that is placed on the Haft-sin table symbolises something positive for the coming year:

    Sumac (crushed spice of berries): For the sunrise

    Senjed (sweet dry fruit of the lotus tree): For love and affection

    Serkeh (vinegar): For patience and age

    Seeb (apples): For beauty

    Sir (garlic): For good health

    Samanu (wheat pudding): For fertility and the sweetness

    Sabzeh (sprouted wheat grass): For rebirth and renewal of nature

    Other items are placed on the table including an orange floating in a bowl of water, which is a sign of earth rotating around itself, a mirror that symbolizes sky and self-reflection, eggs symbolizing creation and fertility, coins symbolizing wealth and prosperity and a fishbowl is the sign of the last month of the Persian calendar, and the turning of the goldfish inside the bowl is a sign of turning of the year and a new beginning.

    I love this ritual and the beautiful, positive meanings. It reminds me to think about the wonderful things I have and hope for the year to come.

    ‘Spring and all that flowers, now jealously break their vow of silence. It is time for celebration, not for lying low; You to – weed out those roots of sadness from your heart’ ~ Hafiz