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    Persian Lockets

    While all jewellery is personal, the locket is perhaps the most personal of all

    This blog is to introduce you to my handmade Lockets from the ‘Jaheh Collection’ Hand making every element of these bespoke Lockets is one of my greatest passions, utilising all my skills to create a very refined piece of jewellery. While designing these timeless pieces, I use the highest quality materials and ethically sourced gemstones to give you and myself peace of mind. My Persian designed lockets are made differently to traditional lockets, the main body opens half-way, which runs up and down the chain allowing you to put something precious inside with the cleverly engineered silver spring trigger, securing the locket shut.

    Lockets have such strong meaning and perhaps the most personal of all jewellery because they tell a singular story. The history of lockets is important on a number of different levels, they convey profound memories and express deep emotion, love and celebration. They mark what it means to remember and to mourn. In this way, lockets offer us a window to our past, something we can cherish and hold on to.

    The beautiful part of this gift is you get to participate in creating jewellery you’ll love that bespoke to you. Choosing the elements of the design to make it personal, and gemstones that are meaningful or are of sentimental value to you. You have the option to use your heirloom gems that hold your dearest memories.

    It’s around the gifting season and this would make a great Christmas present, however it is suitable for all occasions, to mark milestones like anniversaries, the birth of a child or a loss of a loved one.

    Lockets symbolize love or capture a moment in time. In a world of uncertainty, remind yourself of the beauty around you by connecting with a piece of handmade jewellery specifically made just for you. You imagine, we create. Feel free to contact us to discuss further at

    ‘Let yourself be drawn to the strongest pull of that which you truly love’ ~Rumi