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    Talisman Wax Carving Workshop

    Talisman Wax Carving Workshop

    Join Roxanna for a wax carving workshop creating your own Talisman pendant, either for yourself or someone you love. The workshop will start the workshop with a short meditation setting our intentions for our talismans with focused love and attention. During the workshop she will guide you through all the hand carving techniques, experimenting with different wax carving tools. You will be provided with mood boards for inspiration, which you will receive in an email in advance of the workshop. This will allow you to have some time to really think about the design so you can relax, have fun, and be playful with the wax on the day. Feel free to bring along any form of inspiration, such as objects or artwork, you are encouraged to come up with a range of ideas so you can talk them through with Roxanna.


    “Art is not just for oneself, not just a marker of one’s understanding. It is also a map for those who follow after us.” Clarissa Pinkola Estes.

    Making jewellery with meaning is so important to Roxanna. Persian culture and all the beautiful ancient history has strongly influenced her work. She believes jewellery tells a story, holds memories and gets passed down generations, therefore it is something sacred.

    Talismans have been used in many civilizations throughout history, with connections to astrological, scientific, and religious practices. In many cultures a Talisman is an object, most commonly a piece of jewellery. It’s believed to have religious or spiritual blessings, intended as a form of personal protection, to heal, aid in fertility, to keep disease and any other danger away, it can also be worn as a good luck charm.

    There will be Persian tea and treats provided throughout the workshop. The tea is made of a type of earl grey with cardamom and rose. You will be able to enjoy the refreshments while making your beautiful Talismans.

    Your Talismans will be cast in sterling silver in the historic Birmingham Jewellery Quarter. Roxanna will clean up your castings and present them on a 20-inch silver chain. They can be sent to your chosen address within a month of the workshop.

    • Additional Talisman cast in silver – £45
    • Adding gemstones – From £20
      (I will have examples of the different birthstones and healing crystals you can add to your Talismans if you wish to add them. I will set your stones once the pendants are cast in silver)
    • Gold plating – £20


    The cost of the workshop includes all materials and refreshments on the day.

    There will be an additional cost to have your Talismans cast in sterling silver, approximately £45 depending on the weight of your Talisman. This price will include a 20-inch rope chain.

    You can either collect from the venue or for an £8 fee I can post it directly to your address via Royal Mail special delivery in Roxanna’s branded eco packaging.

    The workshop is about 3hrs but please allow extra time if the class goes over slightly. I like to allow you to really think about and create without pressure or restraint. If you are a speedy creator this gives you the option to produce a second Talisman if you wish.

    • All levels are welcome. The workshop is suitable for complete beginners.
    • No carving or jewellery making experience necessary.
    • Age must be 16 +
    • If you have long hair please bring something to tie your hair back.
    • If you have a long sleeve top or jacket make sure you are able to roll up your long sleeves.
    • Wax carving can be a little bit messy so please wear comfortable clothes that you are happy to get dirty.
    • You will learn the basics of how to carve with sheet wax using techniques such as:
    • Cutting out shapes with a scalpel.
    • Melting with an open flame, carving tools, and wax pens to shape and add wax.
    • Forming with your hands, to press, mould, and roll.