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Roxanna Moznabi is a British-Iranian jewellery designer and goldsmith.


Having grown up in a western culture but with deep Persian roots, she connects the two worlds and creates exotic and contemporary designs. Her pieces are timeless and authentic to her heritage.


Her work is continuously influenced by the artistic and romantic cultural history of Persian designs, motifs and architecture.


She creates an elegance and charm using warm colours and fluid forms in her collections, building precious treasures that will be passed down through generations.

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My father was born in Bandar Abbas, a port on the south coast of Iran – this is where the story of Moznabi starts.


He came to study in England during the time of the Iranian Revolution, where he met my mother. Soon after, they moved to Los Angeles, where I was born.


My first memory of jewellery was the comforting sound of my mother’s gold bangles and knowing when she was around. The bangles were given to her as a wedding gift; in Persian culture, jewellery is given on very special occasions – it is something that is passed down for generations.


We moved back to England when I was 7 years old, but it was not until my early twenties, that I made my first trip to Iran. I had a yearning to be immersed in the culture that was half my own and to explore it for myself. When I arrived in Bandar Abbas over 20 members of my family came to meet me at the airport, it was one of the most overwhelming but beautiful moments in my life, all handing me flowers and giving three kisses each, it was like they had known me my whole life.

I stayed mainly with my Grandfather and we travelled all over – from the Persian Gulf in the south, right up to the north by the Caspian Sea where he now lives. His house sat high in the mountains with stunning views surrounded by orange trees.


This trip felt like a rite of passage, I absorbed everything around me, the warm and rich colours, the textiles and carpets, exotic smells, amazing food, beautiful dancing, and the stunning Architecture that really grabbed my attention. This exposure opened my eyes and has inspired my jewellery ever since.


Iran has a magnificent history, I have a pull to the pre- Islamic connections, to the natural environment and its spiritual nature. I see my jewellery as a beautiful fusion between ancient Persia and the western world “the more I discover about my heritage the more I understand about myself”